What Makes the Kentucky Derby the Greatest American Horse Race of the Calendar Year?

Churchill Downs

Kentucky Derby is one of the popular horses racing event from America that has also a rich history. The sporting event is filled with diverse ranges of traditions. Horse racing is generally enjoyed while sipping juices adorning beautiful and classy hats. It has often considered as a festival to celebrate southern culture. Kentucky Derby has been run for longest amount of time. Beginning of the event has been seen from the year 1875. Two minutes of horse racing is enjoyed optimally by the viewers. Kentucky Derby is an event that has not been interrupted during the First and Second World War or The Great Depression.

Stake race of Grade I have not be observed from any other places similar to Kentucky Derby. In order to view the race, visitors reach Churchill Downs within the city of Louisville, Kentucky. The horse racing is arranged in the month of May. First Saturday has been fixed as the date for Derby over the years. For the race, one and quarter mile track has been utilized. Kentucky Derby is considered one of the first steps to become a part of United States Triple Crown for Thoroughbred Race. In most cases, Preakness Stakes along with Belmont Stakes are observed after the Kentucky Derby.

Kentucky is mostly known for its horse racing and breeding. Tradition of horse racing in Kentucky Derby has been observed from the 18th Century. Bluegrass Region has produced elegant horse races over the years. Churchill Downs has been considered as one the premium tracks for Kentucky Derby. The track has been established by Meriwether Lewis Clark. From the Louisville Jockey Club, requirement amount of money has been raised to build the track. Location of the track is fixed at the outskirt of the city for optimum benefit. The name Churchill Downs has been announced officially in the year 1937.

Similar length of Paris Grand Prix is seen with the first Kentucky Derby. It is about 1.5 miles. However, the length of race has been altered in the year 1896 to 1.25. Presently, same amount of length is run by each horse to win the derby successfully. More than 10,000 people have attended the inaugural derby in 1875. Fifteen horses have run in the race in order to declare the horse called Aristides as the winner along with the jockey named Oliver Lewis. Most of the horses in the derby have been maximum age of three years. In the year 1882, Apollo has won the race without any competition. Similar incidents have not found in the history of Kentucky Derby till now.

The Kentucky Derby is also known with the name “The Run for the Roses” due to present of 554 roses to the winner. It is a tradition of Kentucky Derby that has been started with the E. Berry, a socialite from New York. Berry has offered roses to ladies in the party after derby.

Fastest run in the Kentucky Derby has been observed in 1973 with the clock time of 1:59:40. Five wins have been written under jockey. Tie has been seen between Bill Hartack and Eddie Arcaro has been seen on the occasion.

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